Products certified by us

In 2001, ANATEL, through Resolutions 242 and 323, set a list of products that mandatorily needed to be Certified and Approved by ANATEL before being marketed in Brazil.

There are 3 products categories as follows:

Category I: terminal equipment intended for the use of the general public to access collective interest telecommunication's service;

Category II: equipment not included in the Category I definition, but that use radio spectrum signal transmission, including aerials and those characterized by specific regulation as restricted radiation radio communication equipment;

Category III: any product or equipment not framed in the definitions of Categories I and II.

​Versys has in its scope of work the certification of products of the 3 categories listed above and can assist you in the certification of your products in a simple, quick and accurate manner.

​For further details, click on the related categories above and check the types of products framed in each one of them.

​We can also assist you in the certification of your products in other Latin America countries. For further information, please contact us – additional information.

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