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Who we are

The Versys Technology Association is an OCD – Certification Body Designated by ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency) to certify Telecommunications products. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals who have worked with product certification since 2003, having contributed directly and indirectly to the certification of more than 10,000 products. Using all our experience acquired over the years, we founded Versys and implemented an innovative and more efficient work philosophy that optimizes the certification process, unlike anything else on the market. Versys, in addition to valuing quality, speed and precision in its activities, follows current regulations, without demanding anything more or less than what the law determines. We always seek to offer differentiated support to customers in order to simplify the certification process, optimizing each stage, presenting clear and objective communication from the beginning to the end of the project.



We offer excellent support, quickly and always in a clear and objective manner.


Highly qualified team, having participated directly and indirectly in the certification of more than 10,000 products since 2003.


We are located less than 25 km from the largest Testing Laboratories in Brazil.


We have partnerships with the best Laboratories on the market, which guarantees the best cost-benefit for our customers.



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